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Nutrition Facts

Salmon caviar is a good source of vitamins A, C and D. It is also low in calories (less than three calories per gram), yet about a third of its weight is protein, which includes the fore-mentioned Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids. Caviar contains only about 13%-15% fat, which translates to about 2 grams. The recommended serving size is about fifteen grams per person.


Podarachnaya caviar is worthy of gifting to friends and family. This pink salmon caviar has a medium-sized grain egg and is lightly salted. Pink salmon caviar is flavorful and delicious. Its brilliant red-orange shade is delightful to the eye and can add color to any dish. This is a product of the USA. Our caviar is always fresh and kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union. A plastic lid is provided with each can to maintain freshness after opening. Give the gift of remarkable taste with Podarachnaya caviar.

Gosudarev Zakaz

The name “Gosudarev Zakaz” in Russian means Sovereign’s Request.. Though small-grained, sockeye salmon caviar is juicy and delectable. Its deep red eggs have a slight bitterness, giving sockeye salmon caviar its unique taste. This caviar is not as costly as pink salmon caviar; however, it is often favored over the other varieties. The wild sockeye salmon is caught in Alaska. This product is kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union. A plastic lid is provided with each can to maintain freshness.

Caviar contains vitamins, phosphorus, folic acid, iron, lecithin and other mineral and organic compounds that intensively act on the skin, restore the wrinkled sections and postpone the aging process. Cosmetologists recommend caviar masks to women.

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